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Tim Phillips

Please pray for Stacy, who was airlifted to Iowa City with a brain aneurysm.

Received: April 13, 2018

Sarah Dunnagan

Please pray for my husband Derek and his extended family at the death of his father yesterday. Please also pray for my brother Michael who was admitted to the hospital today in preparation for a liver transplant.

Received: April 1, 2018


Please pray for my nephew, Jordan, who will be released from prison in December. He has been in prison for almost four years because of drug use. My prayer for him is that God will reveal himself to Jordan, preparing him for a successful and drug-free future when he is released.

Received: March 26, 2018


Please pray for my cousin, Dennis, who has been recently diagnosed with Hodgkin\’s Lymphoma. My prayer is for complete healing as he begins his chemotherapy treatments. His goal is to be cancer-free by the Iowa Hawkeyes Kickoff football season in September.

Received: March 26, 2018


The man who tried to hire me on at work and stood up for me (a disabled Christian) has been demoted. He has one foster kid and three biological kids. He is a single father. He barely made ends meet before he was demoted. Pray for his eternal reward. Pray that his needs are exceeded by Christ Himself.

Received: March 22, 2018

bill kramer

After the loss of two wives, I am in a loving relationship with Ardith Jenison for more than four years. Last Friday she got a phone call from her daughter, Terri and her husband ,Don informing her that Chris, their 21-year old son had taken his own life. He had been troubled by the aspberger syndrome which is a form of autism-a real troubled young man. The funeral will be Friday morning in Minneapolis. I had intended to attend but am unable to do so because of a nasty head cold which continues unabated. I ask that we support Ardith and Terri & Don Leick during this traumatic time through our prayers. Ardith is well acquainted with grief as she has lost a daughter and son by cancer at relatively young ages as well as her husband. Terri, her only remaining child, also had cancer but was able to beat it. So their family has experienced sorrow but they have met these adversities with a strong faith.

Received: March 21, 2018

Melissa Woodruff

Please pray for my sister Monica that is struggling with many health issues. We will return to Mayo 3/26 for further testing. Also for my 13 year old neice that’s been battling a life threatening illness. We pray for strength that my sister has patience to handle her daughters illness and better health to be able to be a mom to her children.

Received: March 18, 2018


My husband recently received a promotion at work which seemed like a great opportunity. Unfortunately in the short time it has brought a lot of uncertainty and stress. He worked hard and can bring a lot of positive change to the workplace if he is given the chance. Please pray that the micromanaging business partners don’t ruin his spirit that the workplace politics will end. Please pray that the business leaders see him not as a threat but as someone who is there to help them and the business succeed.

Received: March 12, 2018


I have family traveling cross-country this week. Prayers for safe travels would be greatly appreciated.

Received: March 11, 2018


My husband has been getting treatment for a rare cancer. Tuesday he will get testing done to see if this is working. Please pray for health, healing and great results. Also for strength, peace and faith to get through this. God is great and to Him be the glory! Also please pray for our son for his career that he might be hired.

Received: March 1, 2018

Donna Wegner

Prayers for Lawson, a 24 year-old 3rd year Ft. Wayne LCMS Seminary student currently doing his vicarage in Lincoln, NE. Lawson has a history of Hodgkins Lymphoma and was told he was in remission as recently as January. On 2/18 the pastor\’s noticed that Lawson appeared jaundiced and he went to a local doctor the next day. He was immediately admitted to the University of Nebraska Buffet Cancer Center and has remained there for treatment. He is receiving blood transfusions every day and the doctors are still not sure exactly what his main problem is. Lawson is a man who knows that whatever happens is God\’s will but would appreciate prayers that the doctors would be able to treat him, that his parents would be lifted up and supported, and that he will be able to return to his work in the near future.

Received: February 28, 2018


For all the people affected by the shootings in Parkland, FL.

Received: February 15, 2018


My coworker is being bullied by the owner of my workplace. She has six children, and occasionally is a couple of minutes late due to difficulties with them. The bosses have written her up for being four minutes late, and just excluded her (and only her) from attending staff meetings. It's like she's being shunned. Please pray for this situation.

Received: February 12, 2018


My prayer request is for a friend who is having surgery on Tues Feb 13. Please pray for a successful and uneventful surgery and quick recovery. Also ask that God would help her to not be anxious, but to trust in him and that He would strengthen and comfort her. This is her fourth surgery in two years.

Received: February 6, 2018


I am worried about my bosses at my temp job. I am hoping to be hired soon. Please pray that God will remove my stress over this, and give me a job I will excel at.

Received: February 1, 2018

Karen Kennedy

Please pray for those men, women and children who are displaced throughout the world.

Received: January 24, 2018


Prayers of thanksgiving for rays of hope in my marriage. My husband has attended worship with me and is every so slightly discussing topics of God, his Grace, and His plan with me. Lord, thank you! Keep following my husband and encourage him to be a witness of your great love, not only to his family but to all those around him. Let the frustration of this world not overwhelm him in his walk with you. Nothing is impossible with you, oh Lord.

Received: December 16, 2017

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