Being in junior or senior high school can be fun, but challenging at times, so we need each other. How do we live when we are surrounded by so many temptations and struggles? It isn’t easy, but together we can form a foundation that will show that God is concerned with all the details of our life.

Worship and Small Groups

We offer opportunities that focuses on making sure teens know the truth about God and how the Gospel impacts their lives.


We believe that Confirmation is taken from Romans 10:9-10, where Paul states that we must believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, our personal savior. Confirmation is designed to instruct students in the foundational truths of what it means to be a Christian, or as we like to put it, a follower of Jesus. The goal is these students will be able to make their own proclamation of faith, witness to others, and defend their faith with courage and boldness.

We offer the instruction via three different avenues:
 a. Retreat Settings (Register online)
 b. Sunday Morning Classroom Teaching (parent must attend the six-week course with their child)
 c. Online Video

Each student will take each of the four (4) teachings via whichever means they like in order to make their proclamation of faith.


During the year, we plan activities and trips where we serve together by extending our hands to those in need. Interested? Contact Tim (TK).

Contact Us

Contact Director Tim Kightlinger: or 515-777-8096.