Date: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Series: What's Your Story?

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Message Summary:

The shepherds are one of the most loved characters in the Christmas narrative. They were chosen. They were amazed. They were afraid. They were excited. They were great. But they were also…not very well liked. When the Lord chose to come to the shepherds, He chose men who were thought of poorly in the culture of their day. And yet, He chose them anyway, didn’t He? This is a message for all of us. It is not about you or who you are…it’s all about Him and His love for you. He chooses to come to shepherds, the hated, the despised, the sinful…and He chooses to come to us…sinful people just like you and me. And why? So that we can some day hear the heavenly chorus of angels singing to God Father, Son and Holy Spirit in heaven itself!

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