Date: Monday, September 9th, 2019

Series: Living Koinonia Lives

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Message Summary:

In just about every organization, vision or mission or purpose is seen as paramount to the organization’s success. If the organization doesn’t have a vision, mission or purpose, the organization will flounder and will also likely fail. More importantly, the vision, mission and purpose of the organization must be embraced and lived by all. If members of an organization are pulling in opposite or even multiple directions, the organization will be split and divided and demise will soon follow. And…the “organization” known as the church is no different. Does the church need to have vision, mission and purpose? Absolutely. But our vision, mission and purpose must be Christ-centered and Christ-like. Today will explore God’s Word and discover what the Lord wants our vision, mission and purpose to be and what therefore keeps us “Pulling Together” every day!

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