Date: Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Series: He Is

Pastor A: Pastor Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

Do you hear the voices in our world calling for your attention? The phone is constantly ringing, emails continue to arrive, meetings come and go, days turn into weeks, then months, and we have lost our ability to hear the voice of our Shepherd. He is our caretaker, provider, sustainer, defender, protector and friend. He calls us by name, leads us to still waters and restores our souls. This week’s “I AM” statement, “I am the Good Shepherd,” begs the question “Do you hear Him?” Or have the sounds of the world deafened you to His still small voice in your life? Is Jesus leading, guiding, defending and protecting you or are you going this all alone? As He calls, we must answer. As He leads, we must follow. This week He challenges us to lay aside the distractions of this world in pursuit of the one who provides true peace, sustainment and fulfillment, because He is our Defender-Protector.

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