Date: Monday, December 24th, 2018

Series: What's Your Story?

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Message Summary:

Can you even imagine that first Christmas night? All of the angels? The brilliance of the glory of the Lord? The amazed and crazed shepherds running to Bethlehem and shouting the news? The magnificent star lighting up the sky? Joseph and Mary the proud new parents? The scene plays out before us and it is a glorious one, an amazing one! It’s a full-blown Broadway drama with the star of the show being the King of kings and Lord of lords! But think about it for a moment Christian…the Creator of the Universe was lying in a box, likely a stone box, but a box nonetheless! God Almighty inhabiting a very humble, lowly, earthly receptacle. And that reminds us of why He came, namely, to inhabit a very humble, lowly, earthly receptacle…you. He came for you. He came to redeem you. He came to live in you. Tonight reminds us that God is in fact “in a box”, and through faith in Jesus…that box is you!

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