Date: Monday, June 10th, 2019

Series: Spirit-Filled

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Message Summary:

In our “Spirit-Filled” series, we begin where we should…at the beginning…at the beginning of The Church that is. Today is the day we celebrate what is called “Pentecost,” sometimes called “The birth of the Church.” Pentecost was an Old Testament Festival but Pentecost in the New Testament was the giving, sending, and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit on the Lord’s Church, or on all Christians. But what is this all about? Why did the Lord do this? Jesus’ words from John 16 remind us of the purpose…as Jesus said it about the Holy Spirit, “He…will glorify me.” What Jesus meant was that the Holy Spirit would come to the Church—and glorify the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—in and through and by the Church every day. And He continues to do so today! Through His Word and Sacraments the Holy Spirit glorifies the Lord Jesus among us! Through the preaching of the Gospel, the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus among us! Through the lives of Christian people, the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus among us! That is “The Spirit-Filled Church!

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