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Joe Meyer

Pastor Emeritus

My first love is Jesus. He’s my all in all. As such I love loving Jesus, but I also love helping others to love Him more deeply or even for the first time. As the lead Pastor here I am privileged to bring vision and direction and wisdom to our congregation, gathering both staff and volunteers around me for refinement and implementation of the vision God brings through me. Most often that vision is communicated through messages and Bible studies. I love to preach and teach and to bring clarity to the vision of our congregation but more importantly, bring clarity on the things of God from the Bible, God’s amazing Word.

I have a heart for the lost. I have a heart for the least. I have a heart that is directed and guided by Jesus towards those that need His touch.

My best friend is my wife Robin who loves Jesus the way that I do. She’s an amazing wife and friend and mother and support. The Lord has given the two of us four amazing children who are all young adults now. They are brilliant, loving, faithful Christians themselves. We have one daughter, Abby, and three sons, Aaron, Jon and Ben.

We’d love to have you join us for worship and ultimately have you join our family of faith as we bring Jesus to Urbandale and beyond! The Lord’s richest blessings!

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