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Greg McDaniel

Facility Manager

I am pleased to serve the bride of Christ. I oversee the general state of the facility, develop maintenance and cleaning protocols, manage building security, and special projects. I enjoy calling for volunteers and working with the congregation.
I have a passion for teaching others about skilled trades; automotive, basic electrical, basic construction. I am a native Iowan, and have lived most of my life in the metro area. My wife and I enjoy seeing our children growing up in the church.
Although I am new to serving the church, I feel more connected to God. I find it interesting in the many ways the Lord interacts with his people everyday, He is truly with us everywhere and in everything. I find that His love and promise is what I need to fold on to tightly during all of the ups and downs in this life until the day I go home and rejoice with Him and the rest of my family.

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