November and December Random Acts of Kindness 

Our world is struggling right now.  Many people are scared.  Many people are angry.  Many people dont know, and frankly, dont want to know, whats coming next.  Here enters our Christian faith and an opportunity to serve others in Jesus’ name.  You understand, Random Acts of Kindness in and of themselves are not Christian.  As you read these things youll note that anyone, Christian or not, could perform these actions and yes, make a difference in someones life and in our world.  But as you bring these RAKs” to people, as a Christian, you do so in Jesus’ name and with the love and mercy and kindness that He alone can bring.  Yes these are neutral in and of themselves, but in your hands, as a Christian, you can and you will make an eternal difference in someones life as you partner these RAKs” with the love that Jesus shows through you.  Pray about who.  Pray about how.  Use this list or for that matter, make up a list of your own!  But listen to Jesus and follow His lead to the person or people who need to see Jesus in you…and enjoy being the hands, feet and mouth-piece of Jesus in peoples lives! 

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75 Random Acts of Kindness for You and Your Family 

  1. Send a handwritten encouraging word” note card to one person, every day, for one month. 
  2. Pick up groceries for your elderly neighbors for a month.  Develop a way for them to safely let you know what they need and when they need it. 
  3. Spend time intentionally listening to someone who needs a friend…ask questions that elicit more than yes/no” answers. 
  4. Volunteer to mow the lawns/shovel snow of those having difficulty in your neighborhood. 
  5. Bring your neighbors trash cans in for them every week for a month.  
  6. Give unusually large tips for waiters and food delivery services, once a week for a month. 
  7. Volunteer at Urbandale Food Pantry.  
  8. Ask ten neighbors to donate non-perishable food. Collect the food and donate it to Urbandale Food Pantry. 
  9. Collect your used plastic-grocery bags and take them to Urbandale Food Pantry (they use them to give out the food).  
  10. Send a care-package to a college student or service-woman/man…include a devotional.  
  11. Bring cookies/brownies to your local fire department or police station. 
  12. Bring cookies/brownies to a veteran in your neighborhood.  
  13. Bring a care-package to a co-worker who needs up-lifting, include cookies, teas, coffee, etc.  
  14. Invite friends/coworkers to work through one of our Bible Studies with you from our Media Library.  If they come up with questions you are unable to answer, interact with our pastors or staff. 
  15. Host a watch party for a weekend worship service and spend time talking through the message afterward.  If the person who joins you is new to church, ask them their opinions of their experience. 
  16. Give a good book to a friend with a note of appreciation for their friendship. 
  17. Find out what supplies would be helpful to your childs teacher and donate them. 
  18. Carry three snack-food/hygiene bags to give to homeless people at stop signs/lights. 
  19. Call Joppa or Dorothys House ministries and find out how you can be of service. 
  20. Go with the Joppa team (every 5th Sunday) to feed the homeless. 
  21. Pay for the car behind you at a drive-up window. 
  22. Reach out to your childrens teacher…just to see how they are doing. 
  23. Reach out to your childrens teacher…to see what they need help with. 
  24. Reach out to your childrens teacher…mid-year…to see what they need for supplies. 
  25. Volunteer to babysit so that a young couple could have a date night.  
  26. Buy a $5 coffee gift card and give it with an encouraging note to the principal of your school. 
  27. Write a thank you note to your mail person and leave it in the box for them to find.  
  28. Bring treats/cupcakes to celebrate a colleague/coworkers/friends birthday. 
  29. Place sticky notes with uplifting/encouraging statements around the house for your family to see. 
  30. Invite a single person/friend over for Thanksgiving with your family. 
  31. Volunteer to bring Thanksgiving dinner over to a family in need.  
  32. Invite an entire family in need to your Thanksgiving dinner. 
  33. Invite a person for Thanksgiving who is deemed by others to be unloveable/difficult.   
  34. Volunteer to tutor a family members kids/a friends kids. 
  35. Politely change the topic when office talk goes negative. 
  36. Stand up for others when office talk goes negative and then intentionally befriend that person. 
  37. Be kind and loving towards a person who others ignore. 
  38. Introduce yourself to a neighbor that youve never met. 
  39. Make dinner for a couple who recently had a baby. 
  40. Make dinner for a recent widow/widower…and talk to them about how they are doing. 
  41. Write a thank you note to a teacher who had an impact on your life. 
  42. Organize a Teacher Appreciation gift basket during Teacher Appreciation week. 
  43. Tell your parents how much they mean to you. 
  44. Write your parents a letter letting them know the things you thought they were doing wrong that you now understand were Oh…so right!. 
  45. Donate to a charity/church in a friends name…pick one they would pick. 
  46. Surprise a friend/family member on their half-birthday” with a card or cake or both.  
  47. Once a week for a year, leave a note for your children under their pillow. 
  48. Leave a good coupon next to that item in the store.  
  49. Pick up trash along a highway or in a park and involve friends in the effort.  
  50. Offer to bring an elderly person to church.  
  51. Offer to sit with a single person at church.  
  52. On Mothers Day/Fathers Day check in with your friends whove lost a parent.  
  53. Call a friend you havent spoken with in a long time…just to catch up. 
  54. Volunteer to read to a class of elementary or preschool students.  
  55. If you are able, volunteer to sing or play an instrument for a nursing home audience.  
  56. Gather friends to Christmas carol at a nursing home or homes in your neighborhood.  
  57. Make plates of cookies to distribute to neighbors with a note to just say Youre a great neighbor! 
  58. Notice when friends/coworkers act kindly and compliment them for doing so…seek to return their kindness yourself. 
  59. If youre an Amazon customer, donate to charity through Amazon Smile.   
  60. If you know nurses, doctors, or med-tech personnel, give them a tangible thank you for their hard work during the pandemic. 
  61. Sponsor a child through Compassion International at and bring your children in on the decision as to which country and child. 
  62. If you own a business, leverage your business to help people in need 
  63. Keep an extra umbrella at work so that you can lend it to someone in need. 
  64. Make a special breakfast for your kids before school 
  65. Make a special breakfast for your spouse before work 
  66. Make a special breakfast and take it to a friend/neighbor before work. 
  67. Offer to clean the house of a friend or loved one.  
  68. Write the manager of your local store to give kudos for their employees hard work on your behalf. 
  69. Learn the names of people you usually walk by at work or in businesses you frequent.  Compliment their good work and do so by name. 
  70. If you know of spouses/families of service men/women who are deployed, contact them to see if you can be of help to them in any way. 
  71. Give ten of your favorite recipes to a friend who could use encouragement…give them the encouragement they need too. 
  72. Give the fixings for a complete dinner (along with the recipe for those fixings) to a family that is struggling.  Be sure to include some sort of dessert and a note of encouragement. 
  73. Drive courteously…while people will never be able to thank you, you will help make the world a better place. 
  74. Compliment your spouse at least once every day…write down what you say and then give them the entire list at the end of the month. 
  75. If you notice a person is struggling at the gas station, offer to pump the gas for them. 

25 Random Acts of Kindness for your Kids 

  1. Prior to Thanksgiving break, have your children handwrite a thank you” to each of their teachers, being specific about why they are thankful for them. 
  2. Teach your children to compliment other children, especially about positive actions.  Take time to talk through what some of those positive actions might be. 
  3. While stranger danger” is real and we need to be careful, nonetheless, teach your children to say Hi” to people around them. 
  4. Talk to your children about befriending the children at school that other children are ignoring, and then decompress their experience with them. 
  5. Prior to Christmas, have your children shop with you for coats, hats and mittens to give away.  Talk with them about the many blessings that they have in their lives. 
  6. Prior to Christmas, have your children shop with you for toys…to give away.  Again, talk to them about the blessings they have in their lives. 
  7. Before bedtime every night, ask your children to list three things they were thankful for that day and without them knowing, make a list of those things to read back to them at the end of the month. 
  8. Teach your children to open the door for others and then, when in public, allow them to do so. 
  9. Teach your children to show respect to older people and help them to express that respect to people they encounter regularly. 
  10. Help your children make Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentines cards to send to loved ones or neighbors who need to be blessed with encouragement. 
  11. Before Christmas, have your kids pick out toys from their current toy stash” to donate.  
  12. Before you donate non-perishable food to a pantry, let your kids put fun stickers on the cans and boxes to encourage those that will receive the food. 
  13. Volunteer with your children at the Urbandale Food Pantry. 
  14. Work with your kids on an art project that they would give to an elderly neighbor.  Set a day of the week for the art project to be done and do one a week for a month for your other neighbors too.  Have your children not only deliver the art, but talk to the neighbor too. 
  15. Allow your children to coordinate and advertise a food drive in the neighborhood or in their class (with the teachers permission of course).  Donate the food to the food pantry. 
  16. Help your children make a care package to send to a deployed service-person.  Have them include hand-drawn artwork and thank you notes.   
  17. Help your children put together cookies for the local police/firefighters.  Let them be the one to hand deliver them. 
  18. Have your older children read bed-time stories to the younger children. 
  19. Have your children ask your neighbors if they can rake their leaves for them. 
  20. Have your children write a love-note to their grandparents that lists the five things they most appreciate about them. 
  21. Let your children help you bake cupcakes for one of their friends who has been sick, write a note to them, and help them deliver them. 
  22. Have your children put together a coffee, tea, and scone care package for their teacher. 
  23. Help your children sow and fill warming-rice-bags and give them to elderly members of your family or neighbors, or with permission, residents at a nursing facility.  You can find a tutorial at 
  24. Help your children gather flower seed packets from Lowes or Home Depot and make a spring themed gardening basket to give to someone who is feeling the weight of the winter months.   
  25. Have your children work with you to pick up trash at a park or roadside.  Also talk with them about how important it is to be good stewards of the Lords earth. 

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