Micah 6

Today we are reading Micah 6. In this chapter we read about God’s judgement of the corrupt Israelite leaders. “Therefore I strike you with a grievous blow, making you desolate because of your sins. You shall eat, but not be satisfied, and there shall be hunger within you; you shall put away, but not preserve, and what you preserve I will give to the sword. You shall sow, but not reap; you shall tread olives, but not anoint yourselves with oil; you shall tread grapes, but not drink wine.” Micah‬ ‭6:13-15‬ ‭ESV A life without satisfaction—that is what rebellion against God brings. Have you ever achieved something wonderful but when you finally got there it seemed empty or hollow? I have learned that false gods over-promise and under-deliver. Anything that you allow to dominate your life, except the true God, is a false god.  Sports, family, money, success—all can become false gods. How can you prevent something from becoming a false god? How will you know when you have fallen into the trap of false god worship? May God always be your God and the ruler of your heart! Pastor Tim

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