Date: Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Series: The Big Idea

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Pastor B: Pastor Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

 One of the more difficult things to understand about the Christian faith is that God knew all along we would become sinners…He knew all along “The Fall” would happen before His children named Adam and Eve would fall and thrust the world into sin.  So did He have a master plan for us to sin?  No.  But did He have a “Master Plan” to fix the sin He knew would come?  Yes.  A wonderful “Master Plan” to save us from our sin and bring us into a relationship with Himself.  And of course His master plan was centered in the Lord Jesus who would redeem us from our fallen state, take away the sin of the world, and bring us back to what He intended us to have from the very beginning.  That’s His “Master Plan.”

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