Date: Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Series: The Big Idea

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Pastor B: Pastor Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

We remember this week that God’s big idea, God’s amazing plan, has a terminus, has an ending.  But wait…His plan is eternal…born in eternity and carrying on to eternity…right?  Right.  But the plan begun in the Garden of Eden does have a terminus or an ending in this world and for this existence.  As we consider His big idea we also remember that the big idea of God, the “light” of the “light bulb” of God’s idea, will some day go dark in this world.  But we also remember that when the light of this world is extinguished the light of the next will be lit.  When the plan ends here God’s never-ending plan will begin…which was always part of the “Big Idea” and God’s plan for us.  We therefore pray for the day when Jesus will return and we will experience “The End of the Plan.”

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