Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Series: Resurrection Lenses

Pastor A: Pastor Joe Meyer

Pastor B: Pastor Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

Most of the time, Christians are thought to be people that hate the world and everything about the world.  The world is fleeting and flying and dying and we want the Lord to “stop the world” because we want to get off.  And that day is coming of course.  But in the mean time, the Christian sees this sinful, torn and broken world not with disdain, but with the lenses of the Resurrection.  Jesus didn’t rise again to send people to hell!  Jesus rose again to bring people to God, both now and forevermore.  If that’s the Lord’s vision for the world, then it has to be ours as well!  Every day we should see this place as an opportunity to share Jesus with others because through the Resurrection we see the world differently!

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