Date: Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Series: It's All Spiritual

Pastor A: Joe Meyer

Message Summary:

When it comes to that which we segregate from the “spiritual” things in our lives, money tops the chart. Money is so important to us, perhaps even too important, and yet we see it as earthly and physical and not from above or spiritual. And yet, when we look at our lives and maybe especially our money in the light of God’s Word, we must remember the thrust of this series…“It’s ALL Spiritual”! My money is not MY money, it belongs to the Lord…not just 10{dc6a12005686cfd23c65bfaf24d87bfd3c54b41114d8217c89030d6c095f8b63} of it…but all of it. It’s His money given to me for my blessing and benefit. And so, if that’s true…how does that change how we look at our finances? We’ll answer that question.

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