Date: Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Series: Loving Your Neighbor

Pastor A: Joe Meyer

Message Summary:

This week’s story of loving our neighbor comes with a reminder that the sin of pride in our lives is not only a very ugly thing but that it can also get in the way of truly loving your neighbor in Jesus’ name. The Pharisee in our parable looks down on the tax-collector and sadly, he does so while praying to the Lord about himself! While praying “about yourself” isn’t necessarily bad, this fictional character tells the Lord how great he is because of all that he has done in the Lord’s name…so much more than the lowly, sinful tax-collector! We’re reminded by this parable that deep humility is required of every Christian but especially so when serving Jesus by serving neighbor. In truth, we’re reminded that our humility comes from Jesus who had every reason to glorify Himself and didn’t, instead, simply and humbly serving the world through His death and resurrection and that servanthood moves us to serve our neighbor in His name.

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