Date: Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Series: Loving Your Neighbor

Pastor A: Joe Meyer

Pastor B: Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

On the surface, this week’s story of loving our neighbor seems significantly easier to obey than last week’s. Last week we were called to love people we don’t care for, even people we have to admit…we’ve sometimes hated. This week however, we are called to love those who are in need, particularly the lonely and alone, and in this story, even a widow who loses her son. All of us have a heart for loving lonely people…a heart for people in need. Of course that doesn’t make doing so any easier. They are needy…but we have our own needs. They are hurting…but we have our own hurts. In the midst of our often self-absorbed lives then, we are called to do something hard…to look around us and not only notice the needs of others, but through His abiding and powerfully self-less love, we are also called to meet their needs too.

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