Date: Monday, September 16th, 2019

Series: Living Koinonia Lives

Pastor A: Pastor Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

As we have discovered thus far, we are, by faith in Jesus Christ and baptism into His name, brothers and sisters in Christ. We are de facto unified in the koinonia lifestyle as children of the King of kings and Lord of lords. But we are more than sons and daughters, we are also disciples or followers. The Lord didn’t bring us into a relationship with Himself just to sit by and enjoy being His kids, His children, His family. He also brought us into a relationship with Himself to be His followers, His students, His disciples. It’s far too easy to be idle and enjoy our identity in Christ every day until Jesus returns or takes us home. But when the Lord calls us to faith He also calls us to follow. Deep discipleship is His deep desire for our lives but deep-unified-discipleship is also His desire for our lives together in the Church. All of us “Growing Together” as we seek to follow Jesus arm in arm and in lock-step. Today we explore God’s Word and discover that we are “Growing Together” every day. What would Gloria Dei look like if we lived this truth?

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