Date: Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Series: Centered

Pastor A: Joe Meyer

Pastor B: Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

If there is a word that describes the Lord our God it is “merciful.” The Lord is full of mercy and that’s a good thing for us who desperately need the mercy He willingly brings to sinners. Every Christian knows His mercy because every Christian has been given His mercy. Mercy meaning “the right to bring the hammer down…but choosing not to.” Our Lord has chosen not to bring His hammer down on us for our sin, but has shown us mercy by bringing it down on Jesus instead. God is good! But knowing that God’s will is to give us mercy over and over again, then moves us to do His will by bringing His mercy to those in our lives. Hard to do when people hurt us? Yes. Impossible to do? No. The mercy-filled Spirit of Jesus lives in us and gives us the ability to know and do God’s will! That’s why we’re “Centered in Mercy”.

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