Date: Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Series: Centered

Pastor A: Joe Meyer

Pastor B: Ben Johnson

Message Summary:

Humility, true humility, is something that our world seems to have left behind. We experience prideful people day in and day out, people who look at themselves as the end all, be all or the expert in every subject on the face of the earth. Sometimes it’s us…sometimes we’re the problem, the ones who are looking at ourselves as the center of the universe. But our Lord calls us to stop looking at ourselves and look at Him. He calls us to consider the pure and perfect, amazing and all-powerful, sinless Son of God…who showed us what true humility was all about. He showed us the humility that our world needs and He shows the world that humility through you and me and our lives lived humbly for Him. That’s why we are to be “Centered in Humility”.

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