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Steve Kowbel

Director of Worship and Technologies

I encourage the gathering of believers at Gloria Dei through worship. This includes recruiting, training, developing, scheduling and helping volunteers from the worship teams to the live-stream crews.

I enjoy all things creative. Photography, painting, drawing and pottery are some of the creative distractions that are enjoyed in my spare time. Listening and performing live music around the metro is another outlet for my creative energies. Most recently, I have been invited to serve on multiple mission trips where I led worship and captured the moments by being the team’s photo journalist. I have enjoyed building kingdom relationships.

Currently, God’s eternality has captured me. That He is present in all time has become a comfort and really blows my mind. The idea of God already existing in moments that I have yet to live, reminds me that He is already there when I get there. This has brought me peace in difficult times and gratitude in times of celebration.

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