As our community suffers with joblessness and income interruption, at Gloria Dei, we have an amazing opportunity to honor God and serve those who have less than we do. We have an amazing opportunity to live out Deuteronomy 15:11 which reads, “Open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor in your land”!


 On a date yet to be determined, Gloria Dei will be hosting a free community outreach event (after the isolation requirements are lifted). We’re asking you to declutter your homes and wardrobes and to save the best of that decluttering to pass along to the members in our community who are in need.


 The exact date and specifics of how the community event will work will be shared as soon as possible. For now, our job together is to gather the things once a blessing to us, but now a blessing to others!


 Here are a few guidelines to help you in your efforts:
  1.   We need you to hold onto your donations for now. Specific directions will be provided for how and where to bring your items much closer to the event.
  2.   We are asking for only gently used items and no items that need to be repaired or re-worked.
  3.  We’ll gladly accept bigger items, like appliances or furniture. However, though we will seek to find a non-profit to pick up the leftovers, if we cannot, it may remain your responsibility after the event concludes.


  Here’s a list of things that could be considered for donation:
  • Good condition, fashionable clothing and accessories for all ages
  • Toys, games, books (In good working order and if battery powered, they must have batteries in them.)
  •  Baby and children’s equipment and furniture
  • Carseats (less than 5 years old)
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