2 Samuel 3

Today we are reading 2 Samuel 3. In this chapter we read about hostilities between David and King Saul’s commander Abner. “So all the people and all Israel understood that day that it had not been the king’s will to put to death Abner the son of Ner. And the king said to his servants, “Do you not know that a prince and a great man has fallen this day in Israel? And I was gentle today, though anointed king. These men, the sons of Zeruiah, are more severe than I. The Lord repay the evildoer according to his wickedness!””
‭‭2 Samuel‬ ‭3:37-39‬ ‭ESV‬‬ David was becoming stronger and stronger and the house of Saul was fading away. Abner saw that he needed to join David before it was too late. He and David were working out the details but David’s men did not trust Abner so they killed him. Even in the death of his enemy David was honorable. How do you react when someone who has caused you trouble is defeated? How has God protected you from those who would harm you? How might your kindness impact your enemy? May God bless you and love others through you. Pastor Tim

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